Whole Foods ‘Ono Award

We won an ‘Ono award (Whole Foods Hawaii’s award program for local food companies) along with our processor Hawaii Beef Producers, and Ponoholo Ranch, Egami Ranch, and Daleico Ranch.  We won Partner of the Year.  We feel the same way about Whole Foods – they are our Partner of the Year, too.Ono Awards Badge Final

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Whole Foods Here We Come!

whole foods

We’re very proud and happy to be working with Whole Foods.  Beginning on September 15,  if all goes as planned, Kuahiwi Ranch Natural Beef will be available in the Kahala and Kailua Whole Foods Markets.

I especially want to thank two wonderful, smart, determined women for making this happen – Jill Mattos at Hawaii Beef Producers and Claire Sullivan at Whole Foods.

Our beef will be in the Kahala and Kailua stores on September 15!  It’s a big day for us!  Thank you, Whole Foods, for supporting locally grown beef!

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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Kuahiwi018My mom, of course. Otherwise known as Grandma Sami, to her mo’opuna.  People are always falling in love with her.  They say, with a kind of wonder in their voice: “I just met your mother and she is just the sweetest person, isn’t she?”  It’s not just people; animals adore her, and she them.

She’s also brainy, wicked tough (know any other 70+ year olds that can lift a 70 lb. mineral sack?), extremely creative, and generally ahead of the curve.   She’s holding a seed head of guinea grass in the picture because that’s what she’s into: forage quality.  She’s always understood that a ranch is all about the kind of pastures that it creates and nurtures and protects as best it can.

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Meet the British Whites

DSCN0042This is our herd of pure and half-bred British Whites.  Except for that red steer in the back, who obviously did not read the grazing plan.   British Whites are a rare, ancient breed of cattle said to descend from the white cattle raised by the Celts.  In Great Britain they are known as White Park cattle and are much beloved.   Supposedly Winston Churchill himself arranged for the evacuation of a herd of British Whites to the United States during the War to insure the breeds’ survival in case of German invasion.

Getting British Whites was my mother’s idea.  She has always been the grass-fed advocate in the family and, in doing research on the best breeds, found the British Whites praised for their ability to seek out forage and gain well even on marginal pastures.  It doesn’t hurt that they super-cute with those black noses and ears.

They’ve done really well on our ranch, adapting to the rocky, uneven terrain, guinea grass pastures, and steep slopes.  In fact they will climb up slopes and cliff-faces that our ‘normal’ cattle stay off of.  They are very gentle, calm cattle but also self-assured and excellent mothers. And last but certainly not least, they make for excellent beef!




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Taste of the Nation & L’ulu

Going to be on O’ahu for a couple of events in the near future:

Taste of the Nation (a benefit to end childhood hunger)  April 29 Bishop Museum


L’ulu (benefit for the Leeward CC culinary program) May 12 LCC


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Meet the Kuahiwi Ranch Family: Guy Galimba

Guy Galimba at Kuahiwi Ranch Roundup

Guy is a rancher through and through, and the backbone of Kuahiwi Ranch.  He and his wife, Faith, have three children: Grant, Gavin, and Kealia, and live in Waiohinu.  Guy is in charge of production for our ranch, and does an outstanding job. He is in charge of managing the rotation for 12-15 herds of cattle on the ranch, coordinating fence repair and construction, feeding our finished cattle, and hauling to our processing partner, Hawaii Beef Producers.   Guy is the one that makes Kuahiwi Ranch Natural Beef possible!  Guy and his family also raise pigs for the local market and lead our local 4-H livestock club.

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This is a favorite of my father’s.   It’s so elemental that it is almost an un-recipe: it requires few but honest ingredients and lots of time.  If you are after nourishment, it’s the very thing.


5 lbs shank bones
2-3 knobs of ginger, peeled
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
water to cover bones
approximately 1/4 c. vinegar/to taste

Rinse shank bones. Cut ginger in half and bruise with mallet or butt of knife.   Put bones, ginger, and salt in stock pot and cover with water.  Bring to boil, then reduce to simmer.  Cook until shank meat is falling off the bone, at least 2-3 hours.   Just before serving, add vinegar and salt to taste.  Serve in bowls by itself or over rice.


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